About Us

Our team - are the young talented administrators, project managers, and programmers - all those experts who are necessary to solve successfully any task put by the client.


Our company operates in IT solutions field since 2005, and during this time has reached serious results, having got trust of many of clients (including the internationally known companies).


17 years
17 years

we work in the IT field, gaining new experience every day.

8 000+ clients
8 000+ clients

entrusted us with their projects. From domain registration to design and implementation of fault-tolerant cloud solutions.

1 500+ servers
1 500+ servers

and dozens of routers installed and configured by our engineers to provide hosting and cloud server services, as well as to provide rental of dedicated servers and routers.

Why do people choose us:

 - Reliability of our company.
 - More than 15 years of work experience in IT sphere.
 - Availability of provided services.
 - The best technical solutions and technologies.
 - We have all the necessary licenses and certificates.
 - 99.9% uptime.
 - Low prices
 - Clearness and efficiency in providing of accounting documents.
 - Fast decision of problems.
 - The favorable partnership program.

High qualification, experience, and unity of members of the FirstHost team allow us to manage difficult projects in the shortest terms and with the minimum expenses from the client.