TLD Registration Renewal Transfer

With our help you can register domains in the most popular zones: .lv, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and many other. 

Having chosen a zone interesting for you, you can preliminary check up, whether the entered domain is free.

Concerning registration of domains in other domain zones, please, contact us on е-mail or by phone (+371) 677 80 880.


The domain name is the unique alphanumeric sequence designating a name of a site and (or) used in names of electronic mail boxes. The domain name should begin and end with the letter or numeral of the Latin alphabet. Letters of the Latin alphabet, numerals or a dash can be intermediate symbols.

For example, the domain name has three components named levels and divided by a point:
lv — a domain name of 1st level; — a domain name of 2nd level (the domain of second level in a zone .lv); — a domain name of 3rd level (the domain of third level in a zone

In electronic mail address [email protected] a domain name is -