3 months free hosting for followers of our company on Twitter (2010)

Each Wednesday starting from 17 November 2010 is randomly selected one of the FirstHost followers on Twitterwho will be granted opportunity to use the hosting service during three months absolutely FREE!

Following us on Twitter, you will be able:

Procedure for obtaining the gift:

1. Names of selected followers are published on our website as well as on our Web pages on Twitter and Facebook.*

2. Free hosting is provided according to tariff plan ALPHA.

3. Acceptance to receive a gift a customer expresses by free-form application.

Application can be:

4. Three months of free hosting can be granted only by FirstHost. Granted service cannot be obtained in money equivalent or in any other form.

5. Three months of free hosting are granted every Wednesday starting from 17 November 2010 till 19 January 2011.

*Note – in case if within 60 days from the day when FirstHost published on a home page www.firsthost.lv a list of persons receiving the gift of three months free hosting, the appropriate follower of FirstHost on Twitter has not submitted the abovementioned application, the gift will be cancelled.


17.11.2010. - @RonaldsVilcins

24.11.2010. - @onkulis

01.12.2010. - @zolotovskov

08.12.2010. - @deivs001

15.12.2010. - @R_Chilipans

22.12.2010. - @armn

29.12.2010. - @tomaslau

04.01.2011. - @Bertaane

11.01.2011. - @premjers

18.01.2011. - @sandis

19.12.2012. - @Oshvalds

26.12.2012. - @rododanders

02.01.2013. - @laimiigsarnaudu


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