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Popular certificates

Popular SSL certificates

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate

Ideal for blogs, personal pages and applications.


35.0020.00 EUR/year

  • Domain verification (DV)
  • Insurance: 10,000$
  • Release time: from 5 minutes
  • Without paper work
Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

Ideal for online shops, small businesses and organizations websites.


87.0040.65 EUR/year

  • Domain verification (DV)
  • Insurance: 10,000$
  • Release time: from 5 minutes
  • Without paper work
Comodo EV SSL Certificate

Ideal for online shops, banks and payment systems.


380.00270.00 EUR/year

  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Insurance:1,750,000$
  • Release time: from 4 days
  • Protection of "green" line of your browser

Want to get on top of Google?

Webpages, using HTTPS-connection, getting higher on Google searching results. SSL - certificate will help to attract much more users.

Other certificates

Comodo Code Signing SSL 153.00 EUR/year
Comodo Essential SSL 41.00 EUR/year
Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL 161.00 EUR/year
Comodo EV SSL 270.00 EUR/year
Comodo InstantSSL 79.00 EUR/year
Comodo InstantSSL Premium 150.00 EUR/year
Comodo InstantSSL Pro 113.00 EUR/year
Comodo InstantSSL with Free EV 133.00 EUR/year
Comodo Multi-Domain EV SSL 651.00 EUR/year
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL 247.00 EUR/year
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL 620.00 EUR/year
Comodo Platinum SSL 407.00 EUR/year
Comodo PositiveSSL 20.00 EUR/year
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain 68.00 EUR/year
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard 339.00 EUR/year
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (2 SAN) 339.00 EUR/year
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard 127.00 EUR/year
Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL 365.00 EUR/year
Comodo SSL Certificate 85.00 EUR/year
Comodo SSL UCC DV 247.00 EUR/year
Comodo SSL UCC OV 247.00 EUR/year
Comodo SSL Wildcard 382.00 EUR/year
CPAC Basic 26.00 EUR/year
CPAC Enterprise 68.00 EUR/year
CPAC Pro 55.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium 133.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN 187.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard 246.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID 169.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV 254.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV SAN 424.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID SAN 305.00 EUR/year
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Wildcard 424.00 EUR/year
Symantec Code Signing SSL 455.00 EUR/year
Symantec Extended Validation Code Signing 810.00 EUR/year
Symantec Safe Site 280.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site 339.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site EV 846.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site PRO 846.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site PRO EV 1274.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site PRO Wildcard 4750.00 EUR/year
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard 1980.00 EUR/year
Thawte Code Signing SSL 254.00 EUR/year
Thawte Code Signing SSL for Individuals 254.00 EUR/year
Thawte SSL 123 99.00 EUR/year
Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard 263.00 EUR/year
Thawte Web Server EV 254.00 EUR/year
Thawte Web Server SSL 169.00 EUR/year
Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate 424.00 EUR/year
RapidSSL Standard 25.00 EUR/year
RapidSSL WildcardSSL 169.00 EUR/year
GGSSL Domain SSL 22.00 EUR/year
GGSSL Wildcard SSL 84.00 EUR/year

All prices includes VAT 21%

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The data transmitted between your server and visitor's browser. Such data may include any information transmitted: logins, passwords, plastic card numbers, e-wallet numbers. Without proper protection, all this information can be stolen by attackers.

The most popular search engine has changed the ranking rules — now web sites that use HTTPS connection get positioned higher in the search results. Becoming a SSL certificate holder, you can not only protect your web site, but also attract a lot more users.

Seeing «https: //» before the address of your web site and trust seal SiteSeal on your web site, users will know that their data is encrypted during transmission and can not be intercepted by an attacker. Also, the user will be assured that your website and company have been tested in the certification center.

The main requirement - do not use the site for illegal activities. In case if phishing or other fraudulent activity is suspected on your web site, certification center will refuse to issue SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are divided into 3 categories according to the degree of protection. Certificates that provide basic protection and validate only the domain (Domain Validation). Certificates of standard class, which validate the domain and company (Organization Validation). And certificates with extended validation (Extended Validation) — this is the best SSL type.

Certificates with extended validation (Extended Validation) allow users the modern browsers to instantly understand, are they approaching to the authentical web site or not. When accessing a web site that is protected by such certificate, the browser address bar turns green, additionally displaying the name of the company to whose web site approach is made. This is the best type of certificates that provide maximum protection.

SAN (Subject Alternative Name) are so-called alternate subject names. In simple language, it is an "additional domain" option, which is designed specifically for Unified Communications SSL Certificates (UC) most frequently used by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Communications Server programs. For example, you need to protect the 5 domains for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010:

In this case, there is no need to buy 5 separate certificates, but rather select and order one of the presented in our SSL line in section for MS Exchange.

Simple basic certificates have simplified release procedure and does not require the provision of any documents. Therefore, to obtain such a certificate, you should simply select the appropriate option for and order it on our website. After ordering, an invoice will be sent at your registered e-mail. When the invoice is payed, you will receive an email from our manager, in response to which you should send the CSR request * with a key size of 2048 bit and email for the domain verification. * If you are our client and the certificate is installed on our hosting and you did not reconfigure the server, our engineers will take care of generating the certificate signing request (CSR).

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