Server hardware upgrades

At the end of the last month, we moved all hosting clients’ databases and files on a new, more powerful, and most importantly, fault-tolerantserver.

After “the moving” average loading speed of the web pages increased by 35-40%.

At the moment we have finished the testing of the new equipment, producing a number of high loads, as well as forced outages of some components of the servers. The new equipment has shown high performance, as well as excellent stability and continued working with the same power, even with failure of components such as hard drives and power supply.

To organize the new infrastructure, we used the PowerEdge line of servers from a leading server hardware producer - DELL. “On board" each server has a six high-speed hard disk drives from the manufacturer Seagate, working on the RAID array, which provides an uninterrupted backup of all the files and actions on several disks. In case of a failure of one or more hard drives, the server will continue to run in normal mode, sending a message about the failure to administrator who, in turn, will be able to replace the failed hard disk drives without turning off the server.

We will continue to work on updating the server hardware to provide faster and more secure operations for customers’ websites.

Thank You for choosing to work with FirstHost. Our manager will contact You as soon as possible!
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