R1Soft CDP

FirstHost became a partner of the worldwide renowned IT company Idera, which has developed a unique software solution R1Soft CDP, which allows making Linux and Windows servers backups in real time, and ten times faster than other similar systems.

In close cooperation with Idera specialists we have successfully integrated R1Soft CDP into our backup infrastructure. The new system has shown excellent results – backup speed and (most importantly) data recovery became ten times faster, as well as the load on the backup server has significantly decreased, which allowed us to increase the backups depth.

At the moment, backup of all files and database of the clients of the virtual hosting is being performed every 4 hours and stored for 3 months!

R1Soft CDP secret of success is the use of technology, which makes images of the entire file system of the server. Unlike the other backup solutions, R1Soft CDP is able to send only that data, which has changed on the server since the last backup, by saving small intervals between each backup, thus reducing the risk of data loss.

Integration with the Panel

Each client of the virtual hosting has an opportunity independently to restore any file of any date by using the tool “R1Soft Restore Backups” in the section “Files” in cPanel.


It is important to note that the backup storage is located in geographically distributed data centers, which is ensuring full data safety in case of equipment breakdown in the main data center.

Our team is proud to have the opportunity to integrate and use advanced software technologies in order to provide services to our clients at the highest level. We will continue to work on improvement of the quality of our services and the safety upgrade of the data storage!

Thank You for choosing to work with FirstHost. Our manager will contact You as soon as possible!
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