New server and network monitoring system Zabbix - now even more security.

As part of the planned upgrading of server hosting we installed and tested a new system of monitoring of server and network equipment Zabbix.

This system allows preventing possible problems with the equipment before they occur, and provides the latest data about all processes occurring in our infrastructure.

Now we find out about any faults in our infrastructure in 15 seconds!

Our system administrators use Zabbix for monitoring of daily indicators, such as disk space, checking of the status of our Web pages, their loading speed and availability of key services. Collection and analysis of graphs of such important indicators as the temperature of hard disks and processors, condition of RAIDs, load on the network interfaces, etc., allow us to predict the possible faults of server hardware.

However, the most valuable advantage of Zabbix is the convenience and easiness of setting up, making it possible to respond quickly to any problem and solve it as quickly as possible and cost-effectively.

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